School of thought

Logo design, brand identity and video and photo shoot campaign for Gems Akademia International School.

The ‘students first’ photo shoot and video campaign was designed and styled, in collaboration, to focus on various student-related activities in a natural setting.

The kiosk and bookmark design was from the internal ‘think’ campaign – chalkboard mixed with bright colours and strong lines and symbols. The students of GAIS are encouraged to think, ideate, dream and question. We emphasized the GAIS motto of putting students first, through our design.

‘Design Piñata is top-notch in their field. They were able to deliver cutting-edge modern designs that added elegance to our school. The quality graphics impressed our clients and complemented their social and ecological focus. Flexibility, responsiveness, and quality are the hallmarks of Design Piñata.’ – Lalit Bhutoria, CEO