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E-Newsletter and Greeting Cards for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Kolkata.

Our design for the e-newsletter is inspired by the constellations. After all, here is an organization of dreamers, visionaries and achievers who live life to their fullest, because as per their theme for the year – You Only Live Once (YOLO). Smart, contemporary colours were used for a minimalistic look. The personalized greeting cards were designed to look elegant, using a touch of silver foil, and were in sync with the occasion.

‘The challenge I faced this year was to do something different for the EO greetings and newsletter, and Design Piñata did not disappoint. They came up with innovative ideas and managed to really personalize the greetings with great quality and style. The newsletter was cutting edge in terms of technology and content. The team is very approachable and the overall experience very pleasant.’ – Rahul Kayan, Communications Chair