Say bagel!

Photo shoot and creative styling for Au Bon Pain.

A popular cafe-chain which encourages its patrons to take their time, unwind and savour their speciality bagels and other snacks over a good book or conversation. Freshness of the food with subtle branding through use of the Au Bon Pain signature colours, i.e. yellow, orange and brown and the logo was the underlying brief for the photo shoot. A story was created by pairing complementing items, such as scones and tea, to show a perfect setting.

‘A company that understands your brief and more than nails it. Someone who delivers more than what you ask for and right on time! They stretch themselves beyond their scope to ensure ‘what you want is what you get’. It’s been a pleasure working with Design Piñata. Thank you Design Piñata for curating a very successful ad shoot at ABP.’ – Avarna Jain, Promoter