For the love of tea

Logo design, web design and packaging for Assam1860.

Assam1860 – an offshoot of the renowned James Warren Tea, aims to introduce itself to its Indian as well as international customers as a brand that is true to its three USPs – high quality, Indian pride and no middleman.

The logo is an inspiration from truck art and uses a bold typeface. Line illustrations are used on the box to present a 360-degree view of the vibrant chai bagaan of Assam, along with a dainty illustration of a plucking lady, also depicted on the sachet and the pouch. The same colour palette and illustration style have been carried forward to the website and other brand collaterals. Overall, the brand appears young, quality-conscious and experimental and the packaging gives a complete picture of the workings of a tea garden in a fun yet informative way.

‘We believe Design Piñata has two strengths; diligently on time and a damn good illustrating team. Both characteristics we have found hard to find here in Kolkata.’ – Prerna Ruia, Co-Founder